First Lady Sylvi Kekkonen on a State Visit to the UK


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First Lady Sylvi Kekkonen on a State Visit to the UK

Urho Kekkonen (1900-1986) served as President of the Republic of Finland for over 25 years and he is one of the most significant political figures in the history of Finland’s independence.

The President was invited to a State visit by the British government in 1961. This was the first official visit to the UK for Kekkonen and his First Lady Sylvi Kekkonen. Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II hosted the visit.

Lady Dorothy Macmillan and Sylvi Kekkonen

President Kekkonen’s spouse, The First Lady Sylvi Kekkonen (1900-1974) participated in State visits alongside her husband, even though her public appearances were constricted by her poor health. Lady Dorothy Macmillan (1900-1966) came from an English noble family. She was married to the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

Lady Dorothy Macmillan and Sylvi Kekkonen in an English garden

Sylvi Kekkonen receiving a bouquet of flowers

The pictures are from The Urho Kekkonen Archives’ collection. The collection includes material donated by President Kekkonen himself as well as his friends and family. The President established the foundation in 1970 to maintain the archives of his own personal documents.

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