Letter to Maikki Friberg: visit to Women’s Suffrage Association


AUTHOR M. A. Marshall CATEGORY Society & Politics PARTNER The National Archives of Finland
Letter to Maikki Friberg: visit to Women’s Suffrage Association

Letter about Maikki Friberg’s visit to The Haslemere, Hindhead & District Women’s Suffrage Association. Friberg’s interests during her trips abroad spanned beyond school and teaching to women’s rights, labour movements, peace and temperance movements. She took part in many conferences and represented both the Finnish temperance movements and the Finnish Feminist Association Unioni.

Maikki Friberg (1861–1927) was a Finnish suffragette, activist, geography teacher and journalist. She is best known for her work as chair of the Finnish Feminist Association Unioni and the editor in chief of the Women’s Voice – a magazine she founded. She also worked actively with education, the peace movement and the temperance movement in Finland. She used her extensive international networks to convey European trends to Finland, but she also made Finland more known abroad.

I hope you will make a little speech about the suffrage in Finland, and how it has been gained and how it works.

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