Souvenir from the Finnish Feminist Association Unioni’s visit to The House of Commons

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Souvenir from the Finnish Feminist Association Unioni’s visit to The House of Commons

Napkin which was most probably taken by some of the members of the Finnish Feminist Association Unioni as a souvenir from the Association’s visit to London. ”Votes for women souvenir. Official programme. A Deputation of women will go to the House of Commons on Tuesday June 29. at 8 o’clock to see the Prime Minister and lay before him their demand for the Vote.”

The Feminist Association Unioni was founded in Finland on 10 February 1892. Tens of influential women and men were a part of it. Members who had resigned from the Finnish Women’s Association thought it was necessary to form a new, liberal association to work for women’s rights. The aim of this new Feminist Association was to better the status of women through the mutual work of both women and men.

During the first years the Feminist Association Unioni focused especially on educational and vocational issues and legislation. In addition to these, many social questions were on the agenda too, such as childcare, poverty, the workers’ question, temperance and morality questions. Over the years the focus points of Unioni varied and at the end of the 1960s a new feminism with its pursuit of equality gained more emphasis. Important issues were  women’s wages and professional questions, family democracy, children’s daycare, and sexual equality.

An elemental part of Unioni’s work has been international effort to promote women’s status. Since its founding the organisation has contributed to the work of the International Council of Women. It has also participated in the activities of the International Alliance of Womanin (IAW) and the Open Door International.

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